Ring of Kerry, Ireland

Covering just over 100 miles along the Iveragh Peninsula, the Ring of Kerry is the iconic Ireland of your dreams. This circular route boasts magnificent mountain and ocean vistas, along with colorful villages, towns, museums, and fun stopping points. Take a bus for an effortless experience. If you choose to drive, go slow, marvel at the windswept natural beauty and spend the day soaking up the all the rugged scenery and sites along the way.



Looking beyond the chocolate, cuckoo clocks, and yodeling, Switzerland is all about once-in-a-life-changing experiences, heart-racing Alpine pursuits, and urban culture. The country is wedged neatly between Germany, Austria, France, Liechtenstein, and Italy, and offers travelers plenty to do year-round with its spectacular scenery, cosmopolitan city centers, and towering snow-capped mountains.


Lake District, Italy

Ah, the land of gelato! Perfect for both couples and families, the Italian Lake District is simply stunning. Here you’ll find yourself inextricably drawn to the beauty of Lake Garda, Lake Como, Lake Maggiore and even the intimate Lake Orta where you can enjoy a sampling of life just as the many well-heeled here do. If it’s grandiose you’re after, choose Lake Garda. This large lake features picturesque resorts, including Riva del Garda.

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The Greek Isles

No matter if you’re setting sail on a luxury cruise or living it up in your own posh vacation villa, the Greek archipelago delivers vacations thrills of epic proportions. Rich in history, mythology, and all those colossal ancient architectural ruins, Greece is home to over 6,000 islands and islets scattered across the eastern Mediterranean, though only about 225 of the islands are inhabited. 

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Barcelona, Spain

The cradle of Catalan culture, Barcelona is a dynamic, cosmopolitan city packed with fascinating sights, sounds, and flavors. Its 20th century renewal was led by Antoni Gaudí, whose Sagrada Familia church has become the emblem for the metropolis worldwide. Whether you’re rambling up and down Las Ramblas, catching your breath atop Montjuic, or taking a dip in the Mediterranean, Barcelona’s artsy atmosphere is ready to welcome you – and your taste buds!

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