Europe Made Easy

From the thrill of fresh powder on a mountain top to the peace of a twilight stroll through a gorgeous medieval town, Europe is an endless wonderland for the curious. Through shared histories, cultural diversity, and natural beauty, this continent inspires connections, experiences, and memories that stretch beyond borders. But with so many countries, cities, and immersive experiences to choose from, deciding on just where and how to travel in Europe can seem overwhelming, especially if it’s your first time traveling there.

To help make the planning and booking process a breeze, remember that your local travel professional is your best resource to planning and booking your European adventure. They not only have access to the very best vacation values, but they’re available 24/7 should you need emergency assistance while exploring the world. Most importantly, they have all the most up-to-date information on health and safety protocols for Europe and anywhere else you choose to travel.

Going Coastal

Europeans were first lured to explore the oceans of the world centuries ago. Today, travelers from across the globe are drawn to cruising the Mediterranean and Aegean seas and seeing history right before their own eyes. And Europe’s fascinating port cities are just as incredible as are the sights, sounds, and flavors waiting to be discovered beyond.

Cruising is an especially great way for families to experience Europe as most everything is included for one price. Guided excursions on land will likely cost extra, but are certainly worth it as most land-based tours are led by experts knowledgeable in all the sights you’ll explore. Plus you have a fantastic opportunity to explore multiple destinations, historic ports and cultures, all while having the convenience of a floating hotel.

Traveling through Europe on an ocean cruise is like sailing through time, but this is no museum. The cities you visit are today living, breathing hotbeds of culture. Soak in the espresso-fueled — yet somehow, fundamentally unhurried — street life from the comfort of a sidewalk café as your European cruise takes you to choice seaports dotting the coasts of Italy, Greece, Sicily, Spain, France, and other historic lands. Experience the daily bustle of European city life as you traverse narrow, winding cobblestone streets that mark their age in centuries.

Let the Experts Guide You

A great way to get the most out of a trip to Europe is on a guided tour. On a guided tour, expert guides will introduce you to some of history’s most important places, and even some off-the-beaten-path treasures you may never have heard of.

Guided tours eliminate all the logistic hassles by arranging your transportation around town, between cities, and just for fun. You can look forward to high-speed trains, scenic railways, ferries, day cruises, and more. Aboard comfortable motorcoaches, you’ll even have access to complimentary Wi-Fi. And if the thought of translating a foreign language, maneuvering subway stations, and driving in a different country makes you weary and teary, then an expertly led guided tour of Europe is just for you.

A tour offers a pre-planned, pre-purchased itinerary with VIP access to the must-see sights. All this simply helps you bypass most lines for nearly all must-see sights so that you have more time to relax and explore.

A tour includes pre-screened, brand-name hotels with the right address and the right amenities. Additionally, many meals are included in your tour – some in very famous and historic locations, hotels, and restaurants.

Romance Beyond Compare  

If a romantic getaway through Europe is what you’re after, look no further than a river cruise – it’s one of the most stress-free ways to travel. River cruise ships are small enough to feel friendly and relaxed, the water’s calm and the sights never stop coming. You’ll witness everything you’ve dreamed of, from castles and vineyards to sleepy riverside towns, not forgetting some of the world’s great capitals. In fact, some of the most interesting places to explore can be found along the Danube, Rhine, Seine, Rhone, and Douro rivers.

River ships have all the amenities of a fine hotel, providing the ideal opportunity to comfortably be transported each day to and from your next destination — where enriching discoveries are usually just a short walk from your ship. Most all land excursions are included and a variety of excursions are often available at each port of call.

Themed river cruises are a great way to explore new destinations. In Germany during the holiday season you can enjoy Christmas market themed cruises that make stops to different Christmas markets coming alive with plenty of food, fun, and festivities. Wine-themed river journeys throughout Portugal and Luxembourg are certain to delight oenophiles as are golf-focused itineraries in Ireland and England.

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