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Top 10 Reasons to Take an Escorted European Travel Tour

1. Best Overall Travel Value - Escorted travel operators take advantage of their bulk buying power and pass the savings on to you. In fact, according to the United States Tour Operators Association families can save an average of 15-20% when they purchase a complete vacation package.

2. Experienced Tour Directors-Tour Directors help travelers discover the histories and cultures included in their itinerary in a way that is not possible from a tour book. Their expert knowledge and practical experience as well seasoned travelers makes travel abroad more enriching and fun.

3. Make New Friends-Traveling as a group provides many opportunities to meet new faces and form long lasting friendships.

4. Worry-Free Experience-You can relax knowing you will be staying in comfortable accommodations, experiencing enjoyable dining, and visiting renowned sites and attractions.

5. Never Have to Drive on the Wrong Side of the Road-Driving in a foreign country can be quite a hassle. You can relax knowing you never have to get behind the wheel in an unfamiliar place.

6. Break Down Language Barriers-Tour guides speak the local language and can help interpret any questions you may have
7. Learn What Only the Locals Know - Expert tour guides know the destinations because they've been there before. They can help you find the best bets and little known secrets about a place that travelers on their own
may pass by.

8. More Time to Relax-Because everything has already been planned and taken care of, you'll have more time to sit back and enjoy your trip-without any worries
9. Exciting Itineraries - Itineraries have been developed by the experts to help you maximize your time and take in the very best sights and attractions.

10. Less Stress -Traveling on an escorted tour takes away the stress of coordinating a major trip abroad. You'll have more time to enjoy with your family because your flights, hotels and transportation have already been taken care of for you.


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