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Making Memories at Disney Beach Club Resort
By Marissa Candela
There are so many things I could call a “highlight” of my vacation with my family at the Disney Beach Club in Orlando, Florida. The hotel was impeccable in its family friendly features, personalized attention, and convenience factors. I remember details both minute and grand, such as having the bags delivered straight to our room from the airport; Disney characters weaved into the hotel’s elegant furnishings; our washcloths fashioned in different cuddly animals each night; a comfy kid lounge in the lobby with old-fashioned Mickey Mouse cartoons, vibrant crayons, stickers and characters everywhere we went; a movie and festive bonfire on the beach every night; the sprawling sand-bottomed pool with wild water slide; the bustling Boardwalk with street performers, and on and on and on...

I especially enjoyed watching my 5 year-old smile from ear to ear when we visited the Bippidy Boppidy Boutique at Cinderella’s Castle in the Magic Kingdom. As soon as she entered its doors, she was Princess Alexa. Indeed, they did transform her into a Princess, complete with perfect updo,makeup, nails, and Princess sash.While there,we even got a visit from the Fairy Godmother.  Afterward, she thoroughly enjoyed being asked for her autograph and being greeted with “Hello, Princess!” by the park and hotel staff. Going on rides and not mussing her hair and nails was tough, but well worth it..

One word of advice is to make reservations for breakfast and dinner, especially for the special character meals.We enjoyed a “Pooh and Friends” breakfast at the Crystal Palace in the magic Kingdom and a beach-themed “Goofy and Mickey” breakfast at our hotel in the Cape May restaurant.We also had a special dinner on our last night at the gorgeous, old-fashioned Grand Floridian Hotel at 1800 Park Faire, which featured Cinderella, Prince Charming, theWicked Stepmother and Stepsisters, who came around to each table to sign autographs and chat with the children. My little one even got to dance with Prince Charming! Although character meals are mostly buffets, the food was quite good at each meal for kids and adults alike.

In order to fully experience the magic of Disney, I highly recommend lodging at one of their hotel resorts. Bus, boat and monorail transportation is taken care of; Park Hopper packages and meal plans are offered (highly recommended); and the staff’s comprehensive knowledge of its parks and attractions is unparalleled. Staying at the Disney Beach Club made our experience that much more complete (we could actually walk to Epcot from our hotel!).Their professional staff, aka their “Cast of Characters,” have mastered the art of Disney magic, down to the last bit of fairy dust.

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