Exploring the Americas

From the pristine grandeur of the Canadian Rockies to the serene beauty of Costa Rica and the rugged Andes Mountains in Chile, the Americas offer a collection of travel experiences unlike any other in the world. Simply put, the extraordinary diversity of landscapes, cultures, cuisines, and architecture throughout North, Central and South America is nothing short of awe-inspiring.


North American Splendor


Covering an enormous area of the globe, it’s no surprise that Canada, the United States, and Mexico provide a staggering number of sights, sounds, and flavors to explore.


One of the best ways to experience Canada’s wild side is on a luxury train journey. The stunning scenery, along with world-class culinary delights, makes for the trip of a lifetime. Soaring grand mountains show off their brilliance as the train rambles by, stopping in quaint towns such as beautiful Banff and spectacular Lake Louise. Try visiting in early fall when the leaves have started to change or in spring when the flowers are bursting with color.


No matter if you’re a seasoned wine connoisseur or just starting to develop your palate, California’s wine country is home to many of the world’s finest wines and is set amidst a gorgeous backdrop. While Napa Valley continues to reign in popularity, Sonoma’s down-to-earth personality is a great alternative – and many wineries here allow picnicking.


For the perfect sun-soaked beach and great dining to match, Mexico is tough to beat. History and culture buffs will want to check out the town of Tulum which is known for its Mayan ruins. Those looking for fun and relaxation will want to consider Cancun with its many great all-inclusive resorts and vibrant nightlife. And for those looking for the ultimate honeymoon destination, look no further than Cabo.


Unspoiled Central America


Central America may appear like a land out of a tropical fairy tale, but we assure you it’s completely real.


Lush rainforests, friendly locals, and miles of pristine coastline are just a few of the reasons travelers love Costa Rica. This unspoiled tropical paradise is home to sleepy volcanoes, glistening rivers, and dense jungles, as well as thousands of species of birds, insects, and reptiles. Costa Rica’s land is more than 25 percent protected to preserve the wild and natural environment. With so much to explore, it’ll be hard to decide what to see first as you experience the pura vida!


If your bucket list includes cruising the Panama Canal, then hold tight because this trip highlights one of the greatest engineering feats of all time. Traversing the 40-mile Panama Canal is an experience you remember for the rest of your life. Panama Canal itineraries include many fascinating ports such as Cartagena, Limón, Huatulco, and Puerto Chiapas, as well as Caribbean island hotspots throughout the journey. While heading to and from this man-made marvel, you will also be able to explore the shimmering sandy beaches and diverse culture that make Central America so enticing.


The Gems of South America


For a travel experience that’s truly special, a South American cruise to Chile, Argentina, and Uruguay is a feast for the senses. With almost 2,700 miles of Pacific coastline, yet a mere 110 miles wide, Chile’s landscape varies from the world’s driest desert to its scenic fjords and everything in between. Chile is the epitome wanderlust with its world-class wineries, snow-capped volcanoes, and Maori sculptures of Easter Island.


Just east of Chile, Argentina and its capital city, Bueno Aires, “Paris of South America,” boasts fine culinary delights, ample cultural offerings, and quaint cafes. La Boca, the birthplace of tango, comes alive with music and is filled with laughter and pulsating tango beats. Be sure to take time to stroll the bright and colorful Caminito or see an opera at the Teatro Colón.


Nestled between Brazil and Argentina, Uruguay is a country relatively unknown to most travelers. Located at Uruguay's southernmost point on the Rio de la Plata, the country’s capital, Montevideo, is composed of many ornate 19th-century Beaux Arts buildings, beautiful parks, and historical sites. Enjoy a visit to the Establecimiento Juanico winery at Juanico which is run by a local family. Wander the Plaza Independencia where you can see several of the city’s most famous landmarks, including the Palacio Salvo and the Teatro Solís.

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